You can find an amazing Norm Betts photo anywhere from social and world events to the front page of the Financial Post or anywhere Ram rodeo pictures are found. Norm is an acclaimed photographer that is  famous for capturing many unique, award-winning photos which includes wearing a cap with a bird on top to catch the attention of Princess Diana in one of his more famous and most published photos.

Norm currently works on a freelance contract with Bloomberg News of New York and has developed a passion for the sport of rodeo.  He has followed nearly all of the Ram rodeos for over ten years. He's missed three, once he was on tour with Her Majesty. The second, he was photographing the Pope; and then he missed a rodeo for the World G20 Summit.  He has a tremendous collection of photography capturing our sport and lifestyle involved.

Ram Rodeo is fortunate to have Norm as a part of our events as he captures the emotion and intensity of the world of Rodeo. Truly a pioneer in photography I hope you all enjoy Norm's work as much as the cowboys and cowgirls of Rodeo.Rodeo Management Group in Partnership with Rodeo Zombie are proud to present the "Rodeo Lens". Each week Official Canadian Cowboys Association photographer Norm Betts trains his world re-noun camera lens on the action in the arena. A fully Carded CCA Member Norm has the ability to literally bring you the action from the arena floor. We are proud to present a slide show from Norm after each community event!

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